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Today is Blog Action Day 2008 against Poverty

Mittwoch, Oktober 15th, 2008

Blog Action Day PoventryIt’s Blog Action Day today, October 15th. Today around world 10. 189 bloggers are speaking with one voice on an important topic to Africa – Poverty.

Thousands of voices about poverty. Each blogger posts relating to their own blog topic. And each blogger engages their audience differently.

For me, for example, poverty is another word for nothing to make money with. Its another word of the absence of business. Do business in Africa. Do business with Africa. And you can fight poverty. Dont give people something to eat. Let them work for their food. Give them the opportunity to make money and buy food. That is, what Open Source Africa will do in the near future.

Just stay tuned. And leave a comment, whats your opinion is about poverty.

Nigerian Blogger Conference

Montag, September 22nd, 2008

Olumide Alabi and Gbenga Sesan are blogging live from the Nigerian Bloggers’ Conference, which is holding at the Banquet Hall of Elomaz Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. They talk about domain names and about the way, bloggers-to-be become real-bloggers. About the findability of blogs.

In short: you see a Nigerial blogosphere come to life in a very early stage. Highly recommended…

What African bloggers look like

Montag, Juli 14th, 2008

As part of BarCamp in Nairobi, Erik Hersman, kindly conducted a simple survey for O’Reilly. Here is a brief summary of the results of the survey:

The goal of the short survey was to get a feel for the technologies favored by the attendees. Of the 52 completed surveys, 21 respondents (40%) cited php as one of their primary programming languages.

pathint27 (or 52%) cited one of the common scripting languages (perl, python, php, ruby). The fact that c# was more popular than python, ruby, and perl, is probably indicative of the local IT job market as well. Windows and Linux garnered almost the same number of users:

pathintMore than half the BarCamp attendees develop for mobile phone platforms: 27 responded Yes (52%) when asked whether they do any mobile phone application development.

Africa is strong in Web 2.0

Mittwoch, Juli 2nd, 2008

Pixelsebi has taken a closer look at the South African blogosphere the last days. And there I have learned about the awesome website amatomu, which is done by the South African news site Mai l& Guardian online. Amatomu provides you with tons of informations about the south african blogosphere. You have a huge directory of round about 2400 weblogs, sorted by different categories. Pixelsebis analysis found out, that the majority of the blog traffic is based on sport related topics, (massively by rugby). He writes:

„For me it’s really interesting to see, that the Mail&Guardian seems to drive the South African blogosphere quite strongly, not only by creating amatomu, which claims to generate 10% of the total SA blog traffic, but also by being present with two popular top blogs. Even if also German publishing houses have started their own blogs, none of them plays such an active role within the blogosphere, like the Mail&Guardian seems to play in South Africa.“

The analysis shows, that Africa is strong in Web 2.0:

The top blog in South Africa, adii, has a Technorati rank of 1288 and the German top blog, Basic Thinking, has a Technorati rank of 1896 – therefore the quantity of discussions within the blogosphere about what other blogs are writing seems to be pretty equal, regarding the top blogs.