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Uganda MP Sempala greets project ‚Open Source Africa‘

Dienstag, Februar 19th, 2008

Hon. Nabilah Sempala and Joachim Graf on ITC AfricaAt Novatech ICT Africa in Addis Abeba I have the pleasure to discuss with Hon. Nabilah Sempala Naggayi, Woman Member of Parliament for Kampala District in the Parliament of Uganda, the role of IT development in Eastern Africa, the situation of the educational sector – and the lack of marketing, German companies do (or better: didn’t do) on African markets.

Additional, Hon. Nabilah Sempala, who speaks fluently German, pointed out, how high the benefits are, Ugandas IT industry can receive out of the Open Source Africa project. Something – of course – I was very happy to hear.

Excellency Prof. Romain Murenzi: Open Source Africa and the minister

Mittwoch, Februar 6th, 2008

Excellency Prof. Romain MurenziOn Tuesday I had the great pleasure of meeting the Minister in the Presidents Office in charge of Science, Technology, Scientific Research, Information and Communication, Excellency Prof. Romain Murenzi. I told him about the project ‘Open Source Africa’ and we discussed the influence the project could have on the IT business in Rwanda. Prof. Murenzi told me about the more than 120 IT projects the Government of Rwanda is about to start and indicates, how central the information and technology sector is for Rwanda and the ‘Vision 2020’ of the country.

Prof. Murenzi offered support for my project and will me provide me with additional information about the IT companies in Rwanda.