Black Weblog Awards: The Roberto Blanco of the Blog Awards

Black Weblog AwardI have learned, that there are  ‚Black Weblog Award‘ out there.

The Black Weblog Awards were created in 200 a) to recognize the best black bloggers in the industry and b) to serve as a platform for supporting and uplifting those shaping the minds of the black community through the use of online technology and communication.
The Black Weblog Awards‘ mission is to empower and encourage black bloggers to continue creating more original content, open dialogue, unique storytelling and diverse views. „Our lives, our stories and our voices matter.“

But, I am afraid, in the list of winners there are mainly Americans, mostly in the field of fashion and mostly strict conservative.  „After 9,400+ nominations and over 1,500 votes“ (more nominations than votes….), its the whitest Black Weblog Award, you can set up.

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