Presentation: Making business with IT companies in Europe

At Novatech ITC Africa in Addis Abeba I held a presentation about ‚how to make business with IT companies in Europe‘ – and, of course, about ‚Open Source Africa‘.

Download the Presentation as a PDF file:
Presentation Joachim Graf Novatech ITC Africa: How to make business with IT companies in Europe and about Open Source Africa

Speech Outline


Generating New Business with Europes SMEs in the IT-field

Speaker: Joachim Graf,

Publicist and Editor iBusiness Germany

Founder and Managing Director of HighText Verlag, Munich Germany

Generating New Business with Europes SMEs in the IT-field.

The presentation outlines how African IT companies can set up a business relationship with European IT and media companies.

About 90 percent of German IT companies in the SME sector have fewer than 10 employees. The decision makers in these small companies neither have the time nor the expertise needed to conduct systematic partner research for their growing outsourcing needs. In order to be visible to German companies seeking outsourcing partners and to have access to them, African IT companies have to be virtually or physically present with their profile and company information. This information is targeted to show them as trustworthy and technically competent partners. An appropriate, up-to-date and sufficient online networking platform would be a huge opportunity for African companies to get in touch with Germanys IT sector. More important than low prices are visible technical and project skills and a powerful networking strategy. Additionally, the presentation will describe the planned online networking platform and how it brings African and European SME companies into partnership.


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