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Nigeria: Slum youth acquires ICT skills

Dienstag, April 8th, 2008

Korea Internet Volunteers help Slum youthThe project is community-based capacity building project targeting the youths of Ajegunle slum in Lagos. The aims to train some 25 youths each other month, who “will be equipped with ICT and entrepreneurship skills which they will then pass on to other youth, along with starting their own business”, as Africa Loft writes. (mehr …)

Multimedia in South Africa

Montag, April 7th, 2008

„We are five years behind US and Europe“, the first South African multimedia news paper maker said. „But we definitely catching on“. An interview that took place between Colin Daniels, former New Media Strategy Manager at The Times and Mandlakazi Mpahlwa, host of the Kaleidoscope show at CNBCAfrica:

Blog: Mesothelioma in South Africa banned

Mittwoch, April 2nd, 2008 recently reported on its mesothelioma blog (which is written by specialised lawyers) the ban of asbestos in South Africa. The Environmental Affairs and Tourism Minister there announced the ban with regards to the use, manufacture and processing of asbestos, which causes a deadly form of lung cancer known as mesothelioma.

The South African ban marks the latest addition to a worldwide effort to ban the mineral said the law firm. Currently, approximately 50 countries around the globe have prohibited the production of the contaminant. For years, asbestos was mined in the area and, according to news reports, accounted for 3 percent of the value of all of the area’s minerals.