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Weakening Economy Good for Open Source

Donnerstag, März 27th, 2008

The presentation below summarizes the findings of the 2008 Future of Open Source survey led by North Bridge Venture Partners in partnership with Acquia, Ingres, SugarCRM, Sun and Ubuntu. The results were presented at the 2008 Infoworld Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco as part of a panel discussion led by Michael Skok, general partner at North Bridge Venture Partners.

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„Open Source Africa“ – A new opportunity for ITC cooperation in emerging markets

Donnerstag, März 6th, 2008

The modern IT industry in Africa driven by the lack of foreign customers. Big international IT companies are trying to open African markets for their mainly proprietary software and/or their own business agendas. The governments of the African countries have neither the time nor the money to focus on SMEs in the IT field. Similarly, as the regional and national governments in the European countries, they have to concentrate on existing IT cores, such as the state owned telephone companies, subsidiaries of international companies and companies, focused on the e-governmental needs of the states itself. (mehr …)

Chance for Africa: The coming death of Indian outsourcing

Montag, März 3rd, 2008

Forbes wirtes today about the rising salaries of Indian programmers under the title „The Coming Death of Indian Outsourcing“:

However, the reality is that wages are rising in India. The cost advantage for offshoring to India used to be at least 1:6. Today, it is at best 1:3. Attrition is scary.

And the resume about this fact for the Forbes editors?

Jobs that are low value-added and easily automatable should and will disappear over the next decade.

The software as a service (SaaS) megatrend in technology also plays against India, they said. But mainly, in the terms of payment – the times plays for Africa.