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Today is Blog Action Day 2008 against Poverty

Mittwoch, Oktober 15th, 2008

Blog Action Day PoventryIt’s Blog Action Day today, October 15th. Today around world 10. 189 bloggers are speaking with one voice on an important topic to Africa – Poverty.

Thousands of voices about poverty. Each blogger posts relating to their own blog topic. And each blogger engages their audience differently.

For me, for example, poverty is another word for nothing to make money with. Its another word of the absence of business. Do business in Africa. Do business with Africa. And you can fight poverty. Dont give people something to eat. Let them work for their food. Give them the opportunity to make money and buy food. That is, what Open Source Africa will do in the near future.

Just stay tuned. And leave a comment, whats your opinion is about poverty.